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hit the trail

Hit the Trail Fun Addition Game

If your kids are ready to practice addition, you have to check out Hit the Trail. This #game is hands down one of a kind. Hit the Trail Fun Addition Game Will you be adding this game to your math center?  Pros: fun game, enforces addition, cute packaging, fun to play Cons: not the best instructions Educational […]

play on words card game

Spelling Fun for Every Age Level

In addition to Play on Words being a fun family game night game, this is great for education. Weather you are in a homeschool, traditional school or could use help with homework, this game is great. The only thing more that I can tell you, watch the video and see for yourself how much fun […]

review addition with baba yaga

Review Addition with Baba Yaga

As I was reading the instructions of Baba Yaga, the first thing I though of was Waldorf Education. While I know this does not fit in exactly with their curriculum, I know they put a huge emphasis on fairy tales and education. Playing Baba Yaga to review addition struck me as really fun and interesting. […]

ukloo treasure hunt riddle gam

uKloo Riddle Treasure Hunt Game

If you are looking for a game that gets the whole body involved while mastering riddles, check out uKloo Riddle Treasure Hunt Game.

all queens chess

ThinkFun All Queens Chess

All Queens Chess is a fun chess game. It takes the moves of the queen and combines it with the logic of your opponent. Be the first one to get four in a row

rush hour shift thinkfun

ThinkFun Rush Hour Shift

When I was younger, my logic skills were challenged by playing my favorite game Rush Hour. Now ThinkFun has upgraded this great game and put a whole new twist on it with Rush Hour Shift.

100 wacky things from patch

Path 100 Wacky Things Card Game

100 Wacky Things Card Game is so silly, then when you perform the tasks on the card you have no choice but to laugh. A very funny game that everyone will love.

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