family game night

sum fun math game

Customizable Math Fun for the Whole Family

If you are looking for an innovative way to have math fun for the whole family, Sum Fun might be just the game. This game is simple to learn and can be customized in any and every math way possible. Plus it is one of those grow with me games. Yes you, your kindergarten child, […]

meet the eyeballs from eyeball boxing

Meet the Eyeballs from Eyeball Boxing

Eyeball Boxing is a game that is one of a kind. After getting to know more about who is up against who, you will wonder how they ever got into a hot dog boxing fight in the first place. Meet the Eyeballs from Eyeball Boxing What do you think of the eyeballs? Which one is […]

math games holiday gift list

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Math Games

When it comes to math, too many children struggle. As I started to teach math, I realized the real struggle is teachers do not teach math in a way that children can understand. In the list below, I have broken math down according to skill level. All of the games have not only been tried […]

hit the trail

Hit the Trail Fun Addition Game

If your kids are ready to practice addition, you have to check out Hit the Trail. This #game is hands down one of a kind. Hit the Trail Fun Addition Game Will you be adding this game to your math center?  Pros: fun game, enforces addition, cute packaging, fun to play Cons: not the best instructions Educational […]

i spy memory game

I Spy Amazing Memory Game

If you are a fan of I Spy, or just love a good memory game, you have to check this out. It is like a combination of the two. So amazing and tons of fun. I Spy Amazing Memory Game What do you think of this game? Pros: fun to play, easy to learn, adds a […]

wizard roll

A Cute Game of Wizards and Patterns

If your kids like wizards, you should check out Wizard Roll. Through playing and having fun, your kids will be gaining important math skills such as patterning and visual special relations. Not to mention, this is a fun game for family game night. A Cute GAme of Wizards and Patterns Are you kids into wizards […]

the contender presidential debate game

Play Your Way Through Presidential Politics

The kids and I never knew playing through presidential politics can be so much fun. After playing a few rounds of The Contender, we are all hooked. Not only did we enjoy playing, but it has already been played with friends who have enjoyed the game as much as we have. Play Your Way Through […]

hit the habitat trail

Playing with the Worlds Habitats

To be honest with you, I have never seen my teen so interested in learning before. Yes we have tons of games, but this one is different. My teen has actually had girls come over and together they enjoy learning about the different habitats. Due to the fact, I have witnessed teens enjoying Hit the […]

family game time

5 Reasons to Have Family Game Time

Sometimes you just do not need a reason to have fun. By randomly having family game time, you will be surprised by what you will discover.

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