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sequence game

Sequence My Favorite Game as a Child

When I was younger, I remember spending my summers playing Sequence. This game brought back so many fond memories. I am thrilled to not only share this game with my testers, but with all of you. Sequence My Favorite Game as a Child What was your favorite childhood game?   Pros: fun game, easy to learn, […]

Wild Dash, Our Rules

While we may have struggled with the original rules, with some tweaking, Wild Dash is a game worth adding to any educational space. Wild Dash, Our Rules What do you think of our new way of playing?   Education: math, addition, greater, less than, math, taking turns, problem-solving Pros: fun storyline, cute characters, promotes critical thinking in addition […]

eyeball boxing illegal moves

Eyeball Boxing: Illegal Moves

Illegal moves exist even in the game of boxing. However, if you do not have the right cards, in Eyeball Boxing, you can get away with the illegal moves. Eyeball Boxing: Illegal Moves What is your favorite illegal card to play when you play Eyeball Boxing? Pros: adds fun to the game, makes the game harder to […]

eyeball boxing

Eyeball Boxing Green Cards

If you are a fan of Eyeball Boxing, see how to play the green cards. These contain all of the good legal moves. After watching the video demonstration, let me know what you think. Eyeball Boxing Green Cards So far, what do you feel about the green cards? Video Demonstration I received Eyeball Boxing in exchange for […]

i spy memory game

I Spy Amazing Memory Game

If you are a fan of I Spy, or just love a good memory game, you have to check this out. It is like a combination of the two. So amazing and tons of fun. I Spy Amazing Memory Game What do you think of this game? Pros: fun to play, easy to learn, adds a […]

10 essentials camping and math game

Best Nature and Math Game Como

See what happens when you combine nature with math in 10 Essentials Card Game. A great nature and math game for you and your kids. Best Nature and Math Game Como Pros: encourages outdoor safety, has addition practice built in, sharing and collaboration, simple to learn, lots of practice to play, need other players to […]

Fun Speech and Language Game for Therapists

If you work with children 1-1 in a small setting or their home, check out this Fun Speech and Language Game. While our kids did not take to Diversity Hotel, we did find some great fun for the game. Fun Speech and Language Game for Therapists What do you think of Diversity Hotel? Pros: game helps kids focus, […]

i spy card game

I Spy Card Game with a Twist

If you have ever played I Spy and Go Fish, this version is a must see. There is nothing like I Spy Snap on the market. This is a must see card game to believe. I Spy Card Game with a Twist What do you think of I Spy Snap? Pros:  easy to play, fun to learn, […]

wizard roll

A Cute Game of Wizards and Patterns

If your kids like wizards, you should check out Wizard Roll. Through playing and having fun, your kids will be gaining important math skills such as patterning and visual special relations. Not to mention, this is a fun game for family game night. A Cute GAme of Wizards and Patterns Are you kids into wizards […]

cookie time game

The Game of Many Games for Game Night

Cookie Time is very unique. As we were having fun playing it, we found it was a mix of so many games. I love one game that has it all. The best part, we were able to play with cookies without gaining any weight. A fun game for the family. The Game of Many Games […]

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