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improving focusing with blocks

Improving Focusing with Blocks

Improving focusing is a skill many kids struggle with. This is not only important for sitting in class, but lack of focusing skills can lead to poor grades and test results. Rather than forcing kids to comply, see what Blocks Rock can offer your kids. Improving Focusing with Blocks What are some fun ways you […]

eyeball boxing game play

How to Play Eyeball Boxing

As it turned out Eyeball Boxing is a real hit with the teens. This game literally has it all. From punches to steals and even a referee, this game will keep everyone on edge trying to build hotdogs. How to Play Eyeball Boxing If your family has played Eyeball Boxing let us know what you think about […]

meet the eyeballs from eyeball boxing

Meet the Eyeballs from Eyeball Boxing

Eyeball Boxing is a game that is one of a kind. After getting to know more about who is up against who, you will wonder how they ever got into a hot dog boxing fight in the first place. Meet the Eyeballs from Eyeball Boxing What do you think of the eyeballs? Which one is […]

math games holiday gift list

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Math Games

When it comes to math, too many children struggle. As I started to teach math, I realized the real struggle is teachers do not teach math in a way that children can understand. In the list below, I have broken math down according to skill level. All of the games have not only been tried […]

i spy game for preschoolers

Fun I Spy Game for Preschoolers

If you have a preschooler, you have to check out this fun I Spy Game. It takes games to a whole new level. Fun I Spy Game for Preschoolers Do you have a preschooler who loves playing I Spy? Pros: easy to play, simple directions, self-correcting pieces, combines games with puzzles, has a rhyming aspect, fun […]

brainbox the world

Education of the Week: BrainBox the World

If you are looking for a fun game that has many uses both for fun and research, check out why we love BrainBox the World edition. Education of the Week: BrainBox the World What do you think of this weeks pick? Support Play-Based Education! (Patreon) Click Image to Purchase All opinions are mine and were in […]

sophies seashell scramble

Education of the Week: Sophie’s Seashell Scramble

There were a lot of games to review this week. With the holidays coming and all, I wanted to share with you some amazing games so you can have an educational new year. It was a difficult choice this week, however, Sophie’s Seashell Scramble made it to the top of the list. You will have […]

animal safari game

Animal Card Games Toddlers Can Play

There is a lot that toddlers can do. Playing card games is not one of them. Instead of saying no to them, check out these Animal Card Games your toddler can play. Animal Card Games Your Toddler Can Play Do you think your toddler will enjoy this deck of cards? After you watch this video, […]

headbanz game

Hedbanz to Improve Language

Hedbanz is a game that both kids and adults like. I have played it with my family as well as with my special needs kids. The adults love the silliness while the kids love the idea behind it.

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