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base 10 math game

Amazing Base 10 Math Game

If you are looking for an Amazing Base 10 Math Game, look no further. Tiny Polka Dot is the perfect game for kids who learn math in Base 10: Amazing Base 10 Math Game Do your kids learn math is Base 10? Pros: teaches math in base 10, lots of different games to play, can be […]

food toys for math education

Fun Food Toys for Math Education

The kids have always loved food toys. I try to make every moment as educational as possible, Since each of these set of food toys come with so many pieces, I was able to make some fun games with the food toys. The best part, they are small enough to take on the go. Great […]

practice addition

Practice Addition in the Ocean

If you are looking for a fun way to practice additon, try playing an ocean game. Ocean Raiders is just the game to get. Using numbers that are not to high, kids can practice the art of counting on the stress free way. A great way to build confidence. Plus watch the video and we […]


The Family Friendly, Dice Throwing Game

If you are looking for a family friendly, dice throwing game, Spectracube might be the place to start. Family Friendly, Dice Throwing Game What can I say, Spectracube is loads of fun. From giving young kids the ability to throw dice and match colors, from practicing math, this game has it all. My all time favorite feature, […]

math hitting game

Math Hitting Game

If you have kids who may need some help tracking their addition, this math hitting game has proven to work. Math Hitting Game I wish to claim this game as my own, but I have to say it is a modification based on game a friend has shown me in the past. However, a little […]

mathterpeices math book for kids

Math-terpieces Addition Art Problem Solving Book by Greg Tang

Thinking outside the box when it comes to math can be tricky. On the one hand, math is straight forward, but on the other hand there can be more then on solution. Math-terpeices is a book that combines art and math to help kids learn the importance of critical thinking.

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