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goobi magnets for stem experimentation

Goobi Magnets for STEM Experimentation

If you kids have outgrown magnets and you are looking for something new to push your kids in STEM Experimentation, check out Goobi Magnets. They are so much fun and perfect for older kids who love to play but need something to challenge them. Goobi Magnets for STEM Experimentation Pros:┬ácomes in a nice case, magnets […]

creative castle magnets for stem

Creative Castle Magnets for STEM

Check out these creative castle magnets. If you thought STEM had to be all instruction based for older kids, well this might not be true anymore. Check out how much we loved this set. Creative Castle Magnets for STEM Do you think your kids will enjoy playing with these amazing magnets? Pros:┬álots of pieces, strong […]

enjoy stem makey makey

Enjoy STEM Without Coding

If your child is looking for a fun way to enjoy STEM, but is not interested in coding, Makey Makey has the perfect soloution. One side acts more like a simple tool while the other side is a pre-programed breadbaord. It is very easy to use and navigate. All you really need is access to […]

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