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holiday gift guide 2017 games

Holiday Gift List 2017: Games

We love board games. There is something fun about sitting down and just having fun. I have to admit, this is the most difficult list for me to write. We enjoyed so many games to select the top few was not easy but here it is. The top five games that my family and I […]

camp a fun nature family game

Bring Camping Fun to Your Home this Winter

Even if your family is not the nature outdoorsy type, CAMP is still a great game. By having fun, you will surprise yourself how much you can learn about nature and animals. Best part, this game have 4 levels of play so both children and adults can enjoy family game night together. Bring Camping Fun […]

10 essentials camping and math game

Best Nature and Math Game Como

See what happens when you combine nature with math in 10 Essentials Card Game. A great nature and math game for you and your kids. Best Nature and Math Game Como Pros: encourages outdoor safety, has addition practice built in, sharing and collaboration, simple to learn, lots of practice to play, need other players to […]

Fun Speech and Language Game for Therapists

If you work with children 1-1 in a small setting or their home, check out this Fun Speech and Language Game. While our kids did not take to Diversity Hotel, we did find some great fun for the game. Fun Speech and Language Game for Therapists What do you think of Diversity Hotel? Pros: game helps kids focus, […]

the contender presidential debate game

Play Your Way Through Presidential Politics

The kids and I never knew playing through presidential politics can be so much fun. After playing a few rounds of The Contender, we are all hooked. Not only did we enjoy playing, but it has already been played with friends who have enjoyed the game as much as we have. Play Your Way Through […]

mental blox 360

Brain Stimulating Game for Kids

If you are looking for a game that is breain stimulating for your kids, well this is the game. Mental Blox 360 is a game that will put your childs focusing and academic skills to the test. Brain Stimulating Game for Kids What are some fun ways you put your childs critical thinking to the […]

say cheese fun multiplication game

Fun Multiplication Game to Review Facts

If your kids are learning their multiplication tables but are struggling with remembering the facts, here is a fun game. Say Cheese Cafe makes review a breeze. Just give your kids a bag of numbers, and take turns yelling out the facts. Such a relaxing way to get a little extra practice in your daily […]

brick building logic game

Brick Building Logic Boosting Game

Your kids are amazing. If they love the idea of brick building, you should introduce them to this logic boosting game. Your and your kids will be surprised at how challenging Brick by Brick really is. The fun comes with the very first card you attempt. Watch the video to see how much I struggled […]

pre math pattern game

Pre Math Skills: Patterning the Fun Way

If you have a little one who is starting to get a grasp on his surroundings, patterning is one of the first things to teach when it comes to math. Instead of sitting there and just talking about patterns, try making it fun. With Sophie’s Seashell Scramble, your kids will have a lot of fun […]

animal safari game

Animal Card Games Toddlers Can Play

There is a lot that toddlers can do. Playing card games is not one of them. Instead of saying no to them, check out these Animal Card Games your toddler can play. Animal Card Games Your Toddler Can Play Do you think your toddler will enjoy this deck of cards? After you watch this video, […]

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