Wild Dash Game Play

We got to try Wild Dash. The instructions are quite basic but still fun. I would say most appreciated by first graders. Wild Dash Game Play What do you think of this racing game? Pros: fun to play, reinforces counting by fives and tens, easy to learn, great math game Cons: instructions are very basic, little room […]

expanding your vocabulary with volangualry

Expanding Your Vocabulary Through Fun and Games

Expanding your vocabulary can be fun. With Volangulary, all you need is a group of kids, and you are ready to learn. The best part of this vocabulary game, this game will grow with your kids. Just start as soon as they learn to read and the sky is the limit. Expanding Your Vocabulary Through […]

wordsearch game

Fun WordSearch Family Game

We love WordSearch games. They stimulate the brain and provide endless hours of just fun. This game is no exception. It can not only be played and enjoyed during family game night, but it also makes a great addition to your homeschool or classroom. The adults love it as much as the kids. Fun WordSearch […]

holiday gift guide 2017 games

Holiday Gift List 2017: Games

We love board games. There is something fun about sitting down and just having fun. I have to admit, this is the most difficult list for me to write. We enjoyed so many games to select the top few was not easy but here it is. The top five games that my family and I […]

Fun Speech and Language Game for Therapists

If you work with children 1-1 in a small setting or their home, check out this Fun Speech and Language Game. While our kids did not take to Diversity Hotel, we did find some great fun for the game. Fun Speech and Language Game for Therapists What do you think of Diversity Hotel? Pros: game helps kids focus, […]


Add Some Superhero Building Fun to Family Game Night

A Superhero is great. Kids love having fun playing and imagining what they can be. Lumpy is a game that takes Superhero’s and just makes it engaging.  Kids get to bond with the family while playing games. Add Some Superhero Building Fun to Family Game Night After watching the video, let me know what you […]

brick building logic game

Brick Building Logic Boosting Game

Your kids are amazing. If they love the idea of brick building, you should introduce them to this logic boosting game. Your and your kids will be surprised at how challenging Brick by Brick really is. The fun comes with the very first card you attempt. Watch the video to see how much I struggled […]

goldbrick games perpetual commotion

Goldbrikc Games Perpetual Commotion Speedy Card Game

If you have a large group and are looking for a fast paced game that will bring out everyones competitive nature Perpetual Commotion might be just the game you are looking for.

december roundup blog banner

December Educational Round Up

Wow. December sure did fly by fast. Here are is a small recap of what went on during this busy time from my favorite products to more.

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