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magnets with gears

A Great Set of Magnets with Gears

If your kids love magnets, and they like playing with gears, I think I have found a really amazing set. Children Hub found a way to combine both educational tools into one unique and amazing set.¬†Children Hub found a way to combine both educational tools into on unique and amazing set. A Great Set of […]

holiday gift list 2016

Complete Holiday Gift Guide 2016

This has been an amazing year. We have had mostly the best of the best when it came to education. Here is a roundup of all the holiday gift lists. Complete Holiday Gift Guide 2016 If you are looking for the top toy in a specific category, feel free to click the title below. You […]

board game gift guide

Board Game Gift Guide 2016

If your family is into games as much as we are, here are some of the best games. Board Game Gift Guide 2016 To see learn the game rules, see our own twists or see if these games are a good fit for your family, click on the game titles to go to the blog […]

toys for fun gift list

Toys for Fun Gift List 2016

While most toys can be made educational, some kids just like to have plain old fun. Here are some toys that the kids just love to play with. Toys for Fun Gift List 2016 While I would recomend every house have some of these fun toys, feel free to see how we use them for […]

brick building logic game

Brick Building Logic Boosting Game

Your kids are amazing. If they love the idea of brick building, you should introduce them to this logic boosting game. Your and your kids will be surprised at how challenging Brick by Brick really is. The fun comes with the very first card you attempt. Watch the video to see how much I struggled […]

october roundup

October Roundup

Wow. The start of this year has been amazing. October started with my experiment of a play-based program. I quit my job and am volunteering full time. I have to say, I am amazed. The kids are playing all day, and the parents are telling me they come home knowing more than their kids in […]

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