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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Art

If your kids will be off during the holiday break, or you are looking for fun ways to keep them busy, check out these crafts ideas. While they are fun alone, getting a few sets will only add to the creativity and educational value of each item. Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Art If you are […]

holiday gift guide 2017 blocks

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Blocks

I am so excited to announce the first of our holiday gift guides. Today I want to share with you some of our amazing blocks to make the most of your child’s creativity. All of these blocks and have been enjoyed by our kids and today I have picked out the best of the best. […]

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Happy 4th Birthday AB

Happy 4th Birthday AB! Wow. It is 4 years already. AB is such a big boy. A little on the quiet side compared to the rest, he is highly observant and likes to ask questions well above his age level. Happy 4th Birthday AB   He is one to love loose parts. Some of his […]

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