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phonics fun with words

Phonics Fun with Words Book Review

So many books for kids to enjoy and love. Phonics Fun with Words gives kids an interactive reading experience. Phonics Fun with Words Book Review Book Review Phonics Fun with Words is one of these brilliant phonics books for kids. On the upper hand of every page is a super cute poem. While poetry is fun and […]

phonic word sounds pull tab book

Phonics Word Sounds Book Review

One of the best ways to teach kids how to read, is by giving them a strong foundation in phonics. Phonics Word Sounds Book Review Book Review If your kids are learing their letters, and are familiar with dad and bat, then they will know how to read fled and wed, As they build on […]

goodnight moon

Bring Goodnight Moon to Life

Welcome to Literacy Tuesday. Every Tuesday I will be sharing something to help make reading and writing fun for you and your kids. These activities can be used both in the classroom and homeschool. The key is, keep it fun. To start this amazing journey, I have Goodnight Moon 3D style. Bring Goodnight Moon to […]

once upon a craft craft box

Interactive Children’s Craft Books

I love when kids are encouraged to read. With Educational Insights Craft Boxes, the kids were really excited to start reading. We read the book and started to craft. Not only did they love what they were doing, but even after they finished, I heard a lot of talk about The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Such […]

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