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Fun Speech and Language Game for Therapists

If you work with children 1-1 in a small setting or their home, check out this Fun Speech and Language Game. While our kids did not take to Diversity Hotel, we did find some great fun for the game. Fun Speech and Language Game for Therapists What do you think of Diversity Hotel? Pros: game helps kids focus, […]

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Colorful Family Fun

There is nothing like a good family game night when filled with wonderful colors. Colorful Family Fun Juxtabo is a unique game. It takes the concept of a basic grid, fills it with disks, and has kids having hours of fun. Support Play-Based Education! I received this game in exchange for an honest review. All […]

Winter Reading Fun Sheet

With TV and other media getting in the way of reading, I have created a winter reading fun sheet. While similar to standard BINGO, I did make some changes. This is a great way to encourage reading while having fun with a game. Winter Reading Fun Sheet Game Play The Winter Reading Fun Sheet, is […]

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