sequin bag for travel

Sequin Bag for Traveling with Kids

Make traveling with kids easier, especially for long rides. This sequin bag is perfect for all your kids needs. Sequin Bag for Traveling with Kids What are some items your kids will be adding to their sequin bag? Pros: easy to use, airplane approved, fun for travel, doubles as a sensory tool, very lightweight, simply beautiful, comes […]

off brand brick building fun

Brick Building Set for Creative Play

Let your kids have fun with Creative Play even on a rainy day. Brick Building Set for Creative Play What are some of your kids creative builds? I am not sure what got into our kids, but it was raining and all of a sudden, they decided to stay indoors. I was very fortunate this […]

Alphabet Friday: Letter O o

I love board games. While I am a huge fan of teaching through hands-on manipulatives and sensory activities, it is also fun to get a group of kids playing and learning. This next board game is fun for everyone. SEQUENCE LETTER Jax Games Contents: Playing Board Playing chips for 3 players Deck of cards from a-z […]

vicks mini humidifier

Vicks Filter Free Cool Mist Mini Humidifier

During the winter months, my 7 year old gets colds all the time. Rather then having to hear her cough all night long, Vicks had an amazing solution. Thanks to the Vicks Filter Free Mini Humidifier, I noticed a great improvement in my girls sleep.

Super Duper Publications Metaphors and Similes

Teaching abstract skills when it comes to language can be difficult. Kids learn best by what they see and feel. We cannot touch language. Thanks to Super Duper Publications, the kids can have an easier time understanding Metaphors and Similes through this fun deck of cards filled with hilarious illustrations.

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