math game

hit the trail

Hit the Trail Fun Addition Game

If your kids are ready to practice addition, you have to check out Hit the Trail. This #game is hands down one of a kind. Hit the Trail Fun Addition Game Will you be adding this game to your math center?  Pros: fun game, enforces addition, cute packaging, fun to play Cons: not the best instructions Educational […]

10 essentials camping and math game

Best Nature and Math Game Como

See what happens when you combine nature with math in 10 Essentials Card Game. A great nature and math game for you and your kids. Best Nature and Math Game Como Pros: encourages outdoor safety, has addition practice built in, sharing and collaboration, simple to learn, lots of practice to play, need other players to […]

pre math pattern game

Pre Math Skills: Patterning the Fun Way

If you have a little one who is starting to get a grasp on his surroundings, patterning is one of the first things to teach when it comes to math. Instead of sitting there and just talking about patterns, try making it fun. With Sophie’s Seashell Scramble, your kids will have a lot of fun […]

smack it card game for kids

Fast Paced Numbers Card Game for Kids

Math can be fast and fun. Smack It! takes numbers and creates a whole fun game out of it. You can enjoy it during family game night, or use it to teach kids valuable math lessons. However you play, Smack It! will be a game for everyone to enjoy. Fast Paced Numbers Card Game for […]


The Family Friendly, Dice Throwing Game

If you are looking for a family friendly, dice throwing game, Spectracube might be the place to start. Family Friendly, Dice Throwing Game What can I say, Spectracube is loads of fun. From giving young kids the ability to throw dice and match colors, from practicing math, this game has it all. My all time favorite feature, […]

Fun Fact Family Math Game Cards

A while ago I did a post explaining Fact Families and included a free printable. While it was fun and all, my girls just love anything to do with dry erase boards and markers. This is why we love Write and Wipe Fact Family Boards. Fun Fact Family Math Game Cards Learning Resources Fact Family […]

numbers math game

Addition, Subtraction, Odds, and Evens Math Oh My!

When it comes to math, I am all for mixing more than one skill. This helps bring the brain to a higher level of thinking. Here is one game that combines many math skills. Addition, Subtraction, Odds, and Even Math Oh My! Toys Needed Before you play this game, you will need to combine two […]

Fun Games for Spelling and Math

Not every child will enjoy writing. Especially in the beginning, many children cannot sit and focus for long periods of time. Using my favorite Travel Scrabble, I have created a bunch of games to work on spelling, word development fine motor skills and math. Put them together and you have one activity that does it […]

discovery toys playful patterns

Discovery Toys Playful Patterns

Shapes and patters are a super important skill to learn. It not only teaches kids how to draw and see the world, but it will later on help them with math as well. Playful Patterns by Discovery Toys is the prefect toy to give your tot a head start.

educational insights even stevens odd

Educational Insights Even Stevens Odd

A game that is not only fun, but helps kids increase their math skills. It is such a pleasure seeing groups of kids playing Even Steven’s Odd for fun.

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