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counting and number bonds games

Counting Games Plus Book Review Giveaway

Check out these fun counting games. In addition to walking around counting everything, see how you can make counting part of your kids games. Counting Games Plus Book Review Giveaway Book Summary Counting and Number Bonds is an amazing book. I know for me, when I walked with my younger kids, we did tons of […]

smath math game

SMATH: The Most Advanced Math Game

We loved SMATH. It was a fun way for the older kids to review what they are learning in math. As an added bonus, this game can be customized. I liked adding this game to our math routine. SMATH: The Most Advanced Math Game What are some ways your family makes math review fun? Pros: […]

math games holiday gift list

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Math Games

When it comes to math, too many children struggle. As I started to teach math, I realized the real struggle is teachers do not teach math in a way that children can understand. In the list below, I have broken math down according to skill level. All of the games have not only been tried […]

practice addition

Practice Addition in the Ocean

If you are looking for a fun way to practice additon, try playing an ocean game. Ocean Raiders is just the game to get. Using numbers that are not to high, kids can practice the art of counting on the stress free way. A great way to build confidence. Plus watch the video and we […]

discovery toys playful patterns

Discovery Toys Playful Patterns

Shapes and patters are a super important skill to learn. It not only teaches kids how to draw and see the world, but it will later on help them with math as well. Playful Patterns by Discovery Toys is the prefect toy to give your tot a head start.

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