picasso tiles review

picasso magnetic tiles

Creative Magnetic Tiles From Picasso Tiles

If you have Picasso Tiles, you need to check out these creative magnetic tiles. They are the perfect addition to any set. Make an even better gift this holiday season. Put nothing but smiles on your kids faces. Creative Magnetic Tiles From Picasso Tiles Do your kids already have Picasso Tiles? Pros: a super fun set, […]

Top Product Video of the Week: Picasso Tiles

I love toys that provide hours of open ended play. Of all the amazing toys I had this week, I will have to go with Picasso Tiles. A simple concept of magnets will keep the kids building for hours on end. With such endless education, this is a winner this week. Picasso Tiles For a […]

stem in motion

STEM Magnetic Tiles in Motion

So many kids love building. Wooden blocks are great and all, but magnetic tiles offer a whole new experience. Kids love building and taking Magnetic Tiles in Motion Magnetic Tiles in Motion Choosing Quality Tiles Before you let your kids explore with magnetic tiles, you want to make sure they are safe. A good quality […]

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