play based learning

review money with activity dollar

4 Fun Games to Review Money

If your child is ready to take money to the next level, you have to check out this Activity Dollar Game. So many ways to engage in money skills for your children. 4 Fun Games to Review Money What are some fun ways you use this game? Pros: so many ways to play and practice, […]

playing exact change

Playing with Exact Change

Exact change is super important. If the kids cannot count their money, they can end up being taken advantage of. Rather than letting them learn the hard way, Exact Change is a fun way for them to learn about money and change. Playing with Exact Change What are some fun ways you teach your kids […]

managing my allowance game review

Teaching Kids the Importance of Setting Aside an Allowance

Having an allowance is very important. Knowing what do do with your money can be tricky. With Allowance, you can talk your kids through proper spending and saving techniques. Teaching Kids the Importance of Setting Aside an Allowance How do you teach your kids about saving and spending money? Pros:┬áthe game is easy to learn, […]

money tray for money education

Best Learning Money Tray Around

Having a money tray to teach your kids money skills is a must. Of the ones I have had in the past, the quality was so bad, we could not use it. Miniland changed my whole outlook with this money tray. If you have not done so, get this today. Best Learning Money Tray Around […]

december 2016 roundup

December 2016 Roundup

As we are saying goodbye to December 2016, I want to welcome all of you and wish you a Happy New Year. 2016 has been amazing. You all have been so amazing. I have enjoyed hearing what you have to say and am looking forward to all of your feedback this coming year. Here are […]

montessori inspired multiplication doubles

Multiplication Doubles Visual Trick

If you are teaching your kids the Montessori Method, or you are looking for a fun hands on way to show your kids the power of doubles in multiplication, check out this neat trick. All your kids will need is a Multiplication Bead Board and you are good to go. Multiplication Doubles Visual Trick Will […]

origami paper

Orchid Origami Paper for Life Skills and Following Directions

Origami is a fun activity that really puts a lot of great skills into action. From folding and concentrating to following directions and precision and skill, Orchid is a quality paper like no other.

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