bagel in love

Bagel in Love: Book Review

If your kids enjoy some nice pastries, Bagel in Love might be up their alley. Bagel in Love: Book Review Book Review Bagel had a passion for dance. All he wanted to do was fulfill his dreams and enter the Cherry Jubilee dance contest. He had a difficult time finding a partner. With everyone telling […]

amazing book storage options for kids

Amazing Book Storage Display Ideas

If you are looking for an amazing book storage idea for your kids, you have to check out this front-facing bookshelf. Ever since we put it up, I have noticed a huge increase in the kids reading levels. I love watching them go and select a new book to read. Amazing Book Storage Display Ideas What […]

long a vowel rules

The Many Sounds of Long A

If you are ready to teach the kids long A vowels, you must check out this video. Here is the order I like to teach and why it makes sense. The Many Sounds of Long A What is the order you teach Long A? Support Play-Based Education! (Patreon) Vowel Blank E: For the complete Literacy Tuesday program, […]

proper beginning letter sounds

Teach Kids Proper Phonics

When it comes to teaching kids to read, you only have one chance. In order to set kids up for reading success, teach them the proper phonics. Here are some common mistakes when it comes to phonics. Teach Kids Proper Phonics Are there any phonics errors you have heard? Please share it so we can […]

proper letter sounds

Proper Alphabet Letter Sounds

When kids first learn to read, proper letter sounds are usually not taught. From my past experience if you teach it correnctly the first time, your kids will have a much easier time learning to read. Proper Alphabet Letter Sounds I encourage all of you to watch the following video and let me know what […]

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