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eyeball boxing illegal moves

Eyeball Boxing: Illegal Moves

Illegal moves exist even in the game of boxing. However, if you do not have the right cards, in Eyeball Boxing, you can get away with the illegal moves. Eyeball Boxing: Illegal Moves What is your favorite illegal card to play when you play¬†Eyeball Boxing? Pros:¬†adds fun to the game, makes the game harder to […]

meet the eyeballs from eyeball boxing

Meet the Eyeballs from Eyeball Boxing

Eyeball Boxing is a game that is one of a kind. After getting to know more about who is up against who, you will wonder how they ever got into a hot dog boxing fight in the first place. Meet the Eyeballs from Eyeball Boxing What do you think of the eyeballs? Which one is […]

hit the habitat trail

Playing with the Worlds Habitats

To be honest with you, I have never seen my teen so interested in learning before. Yes we have tons of games, but this one is different. My teen has actually had girls come over and together they enjoy learning about the different habitats. Due to the fact, I have witnessed teens enjoying Hit the […]

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