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march roundup

March 2017 Roundup

March was such a wonderful month. I am so happy to share it with all of you. March 2017 Roundup Literacy Tuesday has took an amazing turn. We reviewed some traditional vowel sounds from the Long O to the Long U  and ended with the Tricky Y. The best part, however, was when we ended […]

Happy Birthday G Man

I know another amazing birthday yesterday. G Man is already 5 years old. How amazing. Happy Birthday G Man. Now that he is getting older, there are so many things he can play and do. Happy Birthday G Man Go Away Monster! The first real board game he played with and enjoyed was Go Away Monster! The […]

october roundup

October Roundup

Wow. The start of this year has been amazing. October started with my experiment of a play-based program. I quit my job and am volunteering full time. I have to say, I am amazed. The kids are playing all day, and the parents are telling me they come home knowing more than their kids in […]

March Roundup

March was a really amazing month. My girls and I got to test so many amazing toys and games. Here are our top pics from the month of March.

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