goobi magnets for stem experimentation

Goobi Magnets for STEM Experimentation

If you kids have outgrown magnets and you are looking for something new to push your kids in STEM Experimentation, check out Goobi Magnets. They are so much fun and perfect for older kids who love to play but need something to challenge them. Goobi Magnets for STEM Experimentation Pros: comes in a nice case, magnets […]

Happy Birthday G Man

I know another amazing birthday yesterday. G Man is already 5 years old. How amazing. Happy Birthday G Man. Now that he is getting older, there are so many things he can play and do. Happy Birthday G Man Go Away Monster! The first real board game he played with and enjoyed was Go Away Monster! The […]

Happy Birthday Little E

Yesterday was Litte E’s birthday. I cannot beleive she in 9 already. She has been home sick for the past few weeks and in the hospital for much of the time. Looks like her birthday is filled with positive energy as today is her first day back at school. Happy Birthday Little E Little E […]

december roundup blog banner

December Educational Round Up

Wow. December sure did fly by fast. Here are is a small recap of what went on during this busy time from my favorite products to more.

kidzlane sing a long cd and mp3 player

KidzLane Portable CD and MP3 Player

Music is such a big part of my girls and nephews life. When I found a player that will withstand all their roughness and still sounds great. I was very pleased.

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